Lotta LOVISA Alsén


Lotta LOVISA Alsén


Lotta Alsén has two focus areas; leadership, and strategy, always with an eye to the future, a respect for what's beneath our feet, and an understanding of what it takes to make a difference. Because that's almost always the problem. People want to change without doing the work needed to make the change happen. Leaders want to develop, without wanting to do the heavy lifting it takes to actually become a better leader. Companies want to become more innovative, without being prepared to do what it takes. Societies and the global community set goals that look good politically and on paper, but aren't actionable. So how do we actually go about affecting real change?

As a a leadership developer and executive coach, she has an expertise in personal leadership, mindfulness, and adult development.
As a business and organizational strategist, she has an expertise in future insight, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurialism.

Lotta has worked with business and societal innovation for 25 years, and with personal leadership development the past 15 years. She has had many roles; as a leadership expert for executives in Silicon Valley and Hollywood, as the Founder and Co-Creator of the entrepreneurial program CORE for women, as an entrepreneur and CEO of a tech-start up, as the CEO and President of the Swedish-American Chamber of Los Angeles, and as the writer of the futurist book 'Don't Panic', together with futurist Troed Troedson. Currently, she is starting a leadership company in Sweden, while also doing business innovation for companies and organizations. Read testimonials about Lotta here.

Quickenings is Lotta Alsén's business and brand and stands for awakenings and life-injections. Quickenings is built on the philosophy that no matter what changes we want to achieve on a company, societal or personal level, we need three components: the ability to operate at a higher level than where we are at right now, the capacity to stay present and exude presence as well as the energy and the power needed to execute the change.






Lotta is currently helping companies and organizations reinvent their future, understanding where they are coming from and where they are heading, and how to get there.

Here are a few of recent and past examples:

  • Gave a speech on a Blue Economy training, connecting innovation with the Hero's Journey and adult development.
  • Helping a Swedish business with an innovation Think and Do Tank.
  • Helped Swedish health food provider with the Future of Food from a California-based perspective and how to enter the US market.
  • Built "The Swedish Affair" with two partners as a way of to rebrand the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles.
  • Organized a Think Tank for TCO (Swedish Labor Union) on the Future of Work.
  • Co-wrote "Don't Panic" together with Troed Troedson, a book about the Flow Society, based on complexity science.


Lotta is currently building a Stockholm-based Leadership company where mindfulness is at its core with a partner, but is also working with a select number of executives as a leadership coach. 

Lotta has a long experience of both developing leadership programs for companies and organizations, as well as building and leading companies and organizations herself. The latter means that she not only understands where the client is coming from, but she is also able to test her theories and recommendations on herself, which creates a more solid foundation.

All her programs are based on a deep understanding of what it takes to actually help a person grow as persons and thereby also in their roles as leaders and executives.

Some of the tools are adult development (Kegan), the Enneagram (personality tool), mindfulness, setting boundaries and managing expectations ("the Givens"), and the Hero's Journey connecting purpose to person and business.






Lotta gives talks and keynotes about innovation and creativity, personal leadership, purpose and mindfulness; all within the realm of raising consciousness. Einstein said that you can't solve problems on the same level they were created at. Hence, the only way to enact change, personal, leadership, business-wise, as a society or globally, is to shift the consciousness level.

Her talks are experimental and experiential, ie they are evolving and hands-on. She combines insights with playfulness, pragmatism with soul, always a bridge-builder between countries, mindsets and different levels of expertise.

Here are a few examples of keynotes:

  • Innovation, The Hero's Journey& Adult Development. How does innovation look like at a higher level of consciousness and why is it relevant?
  • The Walking Dead & the Meaning of Life - What fantasy & storytelling teach us about life and leadership and societal challenges.
  • The problem of Empathy and the Possibilities of Compassion - how we need to retrain as leaders and as a society and move from the former to the latter.




  • Soon to launch a new Swedish company offering mindfulness-based leadership programs.
  • Founder & CEO of Quickenings - A Business Development &  Leadership Company developing leaders and organizations that can move the world forward. Originally from California, now with its base in Sweden.
  • 25 years of expertise in business development, futurist work, and innovation strategies for companies, organizations and on a societal basis.
  • Worked as a mindfulness expert, leadership and executive coach for top creative leaders in Hollywood and technology pioneers in San Francisco/Silicon Valley as well as for creative leaders in Sweden.
  • President and CEO of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles (SACC-LA), where she recreated the chamber and focused on the creative industries, crowned by the project "A Swedish Affair", which she co-created, and where it became one of most successful ways of branding the creative Sweden in the US. She initiated every board meeting with meditation. 
  • Creator and Co-founder of CORE in Sweden, a personal leadership method and program that has trained hundreds of women to become entrepreneurial leaders, combining hard-core business principles with soft tools, including the Hero's Journey, yoga and medtiation. In 2008, Lotta Alsén licensed the program.
  • Creator of a number of integrated and experiential personal leadership programs, including yoga and meditation, where the inner journey is combined with the practical and business tools. 






  • Co-creator and CEO of MsFreckles, an innovative internet-based branding platform, first in the world to offer an animated cartoon as part of the branding offer to go from the web to television. MsFreckles also developed one of the first mobile app dating games using the characters of the comedy.
  • Advisor to the Claremont Lincoln University Masters Program of Social Impact, based on mindfulness, compassion and dialogue.
  • Board Member of SoL, Society of Organizational Learning, In Sweden. SoL is dedicated to the future of intelligent organizations.
  • Has been on the board of the Danish University The KaosPilots, been part of the Swedish Innovation Council, has co-led the woman's leadership organization 85 Broads (now Ellevate) in Los Angeles, and has recently stepped down as Board Member for the National Swedish-American Chamber in the US.
  • Has a Master in International Economics from the University of Linköping and started her career as a Management Trainee at Swedish Nestlé.
  • Is a licensed yoga- and meditation teacher, an urban fantasy writer, singer and has recently returned to Sweden from having lived in California for 14,5 years.
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