Lotta Lovisa Alsén helps her clients develop essence, purpose and potential. It doesn't matter if it's a tech start-up that needs clarification of purpose, a woman leader understanding the power of mindfully embodying her leadership through sensuality and sexuality or finding the essence of a leader or a company, all of which enlarge their potential and their life-force. Lotta Lovisa believes in the power of soul-work, and embodied non-duality, which means that no part of us is left behind. Here are the 5 areas Lotta Lovisa works with clients on, all depending on their needs, and where they are at in their development:

1. Cognitive & Vertical Development
As a leader you need cognitive development as well as vertical development in order to handle an increasing complexity load, combining neuroscience with a deeper understanding of how we make sense of things.
2. Reflective Capacity, Mindfulness & Embodiment
In order to get there, you need to be able to reflect and see yourself from a witness perspective. Which you develop through different mindfulness practices, and through yoga, where you also connect your body and your breath to your overall intelligence. As a bonus you learn how to destress.
3. Turning On The Life-Force
But that is not enough. Most people today are disconnected from their life-force, living an adrenaline-filled life, which depletes the body, creating the stress-hormone cortisol, making you more prone to burn-out. However, if you connect to your embodied pleasure, and your embodied desires, instead, and this is particularly true for women, you are turning on the feel-good chemicals in the brain, and in your hormonal system. Which, incidentally, creates much more powerful leaders.
4. Self-Compassion, "The Givens" & Standing In Your Truth
Throughout the development process, you will also need to develop the practice of self-compassion. One of the main reasons for developing self-compassion is that otherwise you might spend a lot of your time making decisions based out of shame or guilt. Which makes for poor leadership and disastrous results. Self-compassion is also the pathway to develop compassion for others that is genuine, and thereby truly helpful. Through "the givens" you learn how to manage expectations and set very clear boundaries. For which you need the above-mentioned areas of development. All of this helps you stand fully in your truth, being authentic, even if it means making people uncomfortable, and outside the conformity norm.
5. Purpose, Essence & Meaning-Making
On a deeper soul level, we also need to understand our purpose, our essence, and what gives us meaning in life. Viktor Frankl, an Austrian psychotherapist who survived the concentration camps said that we can survive anything, if we know why. Today, most people have no clear connection to their deeper meaning and purpose, and that goes for most companies and organizations too. When you also connect that with your essence, what makes you truly you on a soul-level, with the other four developmental areas, you are connected to your full potential. And that is what I offer my clients.