Lotta Lovisa is helping entrepreneurs, change-makers, companies and organizations create the future through setting a clear purpose and vision, finding the source, and crafting a branded storyline built on essence.

Here are a few of recent and past examples:

  • 2-day strategy and innovation workshop for thinking outside the box for company in the construction industry.
  • Gave a speech on a Blue Economy training, connecting innovation with the Hero's Journey and vertical development.
  • Co-created a Think Tank and future strategies and innovation report with one of the world's best branding experts for a Swedish travel business.
  • Helped a Swedish health food provider with the Future of Food from a California-based perspective and how to enter the US market.
  • Built "The Swedish Affair" with two partners as a way of to rebrand the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles.
  • Organized a Think Tank for TCO (Swedish Labor Union) on the Future of Work.
  • Co-wrote "Don't Panic" together with Troed Troedson, a book about the Flow Society, based on complexity science.


Lotta Lovisa Alsén is coaching leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, creatives and change agents, starting from the very core, which is on a soul and essence level, working all the way up to vertical leadership, complexity, and purpose, becoming clear on why we are here, and how we can execute that way.

Lotta has a long experience of both developing personal leadership programs as well as building and leading companies and organizations herself. The latter means that she not only understands where the client is coming from, but she doesn't recommend anything that she hasn't already tried herself, which creates a solid foundation.

All her programs are based on a deep understanding of what it takes to actually help a person grow as persons and thereby also in their roles as leaders, entrepreneurs and executives.

Some of the tools are vertical development (Kegan), the Enneagram (personality tool), mindfulness, setting boundaries and managing expectations ("the Givens"), and the Hero's Journey connecting purpose to person and business.







Lotta Lovisa's latest development is working with women leaders, entrepreneurs and change agents, taking them on an embodied soul journey, starting at the most basic instinctual level, namely our sexuality and our pussies, walking a mindful path towards a soul-based and spiritual unleashing of our life-force.
This is by far the most powerful program Lotta Lovisa has created. It's experimental, playful, mindful and deeply transformative. It's not for everyone. In order to take the program you need to have worked with yourself, and have some form of mindfulness practice already established. Next program starts May 9. Read more here.


Every other Wednesday between 12-13.30, Nils Joneborg, MD, Psychiatrist and Mindfulness Teacher and I host existential lunches in Stockholm, Sweden. It's open for leaders who have a serious meditation practice, and have worked on themselves. It follows the techniques of inquiry and sensing, learning to stay with your experience, welcoming whatever comes up. Contact me if you want to join us!